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Our Nets

Functional and Decorative

There’s nothing quite as romantic as sleeping under a beautifully designed mosquito net. Rather than being considered purely as an accessory, they can be incorporated into your bedroom decor as an added feature.

An ordinary bed can be transformed by simply adding a Suspended Four-poster net, as it has its own frame which suspends from the ceiling.

We can also incorporate bedside tables for functionality. Fitted nets for four-poster beds can be custom made to suit your specifications. Unique hand-worked disc detail can also be added on the openings as an option.

One of the safest and environmentally friendly ways of preventing malaria is to sleep under a mosquito net.

A Kiwinet ensures a peaceful nights sleep and also protects from other bugs, flies and irritating insects.

Easy to hang and clean

All our nets are easy to hang and install with the supplied hooks and cords. As they are made from the highest-quality mosquito netting, they are also fully washable in luke-warm water and hung out to dry.


Our nets are traditionally white or ivory. However, over time, Kiwinet has uniquely introduced and perfected colourful hand-dyed mosquito nets.

These funky and fun nets have proved particularly popular in children’s bedroom decor, although we have also done beautiful combinations for up-market lodges and guest houses.


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