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Four-Poster Nets

Suspended Four-Poster Nets

Tented Suspended Mosquito Net with pleats

Tented Suspended Mosquito Net with pleats

This mosquito net does not need a four-poster bed as we supply either bamboo or timber frames to suspend from your roof, no matter how high. The net can be attached to the frame either with a sleeve, ties or tabs. It is usually made with three openings, with the fourth opening optional. We have also perfected our unique “backless” suspended four-poster, which can accommodate an alcove, lights or pictures at the headboard end of your bed.

Fitted Four-Poster Nets

Fitted Four- Poster Mosquito Net

Fitted Four- Poster Mosquito Net

These beautiful mosquito nets are manufactured according to your four-poster bed specifications of length, width and drop.  They are made with four openings so that during the day the net can be drawn back to the corner posts. We accommodate any bed features like finials too!

  • Our nets are made to the highest standards with genuine mosquito netting and each net is finished with cotton edging on the openings and a wide cotton border.
  • We can supply in cot, single, double, queen, king size, or any other customised size.
  • Flat or tented ceiling are also options.
  • Please contact us for our current unit prices and seasonal specials.